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Learning has never been so much fun!

Welcome to Messy Makers. You are now part of Australia's largest and quickest growing messy & sensory play business, and the go-to activity for children from 5 months right up to 12 years old with a huge amount of proven activities that are sure to be a hit, whether at a public, private event, incursion, council, shopping centre or elsewhere!

Whether you've joined for ideas, to attend one of our many sessions, book a private party/event, school incursion or even to run your own Messy Makers business via our franchise network, we have you covered!

What is Messy Makers?

Splash, squish, draw, drop and smear. 

Children are active learners through play. Did you know that 80% of brain growth occurs in the first 2-3 years of a child’s life? Let your children's imagination roam free with the different messy activity stations that will stimulate their senses and allow them to make real-world connections based on the activities and themes we provide, stimulating your little one's imagination and enhance learning.

Best of all, there's no cleaning up. We encourage mess, in fact, the messier, the better!

Messy Makers was born in August 2019 by Amy & her husband with two small children under 3 years old, quickly becoming one of Sydney & the Central Coast's most popular children's activity. With over 10 years in the Education industry before commencing Messy Makers, the team want to allow your children to grow & develop in the best way possible without the need for you to worry about any cleaning up any of the mess. We encourage you to make as much mess as you can! What better way to learn fine and gross motor skills than through our unique play-based learning program.

We programme each of our sessions, specifically to individual themes and activities each week, to ensure that our sessions create the perfect environment for learning. No two weeks are the same.

Our experienced Messy Educators also make sure that your child is interacting in the best way possible throughout the session and will leave them wanting more.

Lastly and recently introduced, Messy Makers now have Slime Lab! Available during the school holidays at selected venues for ages 5 - 12 years old, come and enjoy making & decorating slime using our special recipe! Prefer a private event or would love a Slime Lab activity for an upcoming birthday party? Check out our Parties, Events & Incursions page for more information + to book.

What is sensory play and why is it important?

Messy & sensory play includes any activity that stimulates your young child's senses: touch, smell, taste, sight and hearing. Sensory play has a wide range of benefits including supporting cognitive growth, problem solving skills, language development and social skills.

From birth through to early childhood, children use their senses to explore and try to make sense of the world around them. They do this by touching, tasting, smelling, seeing, moving and hearing. Providing opportunities for children to actively use their senses as they explore their world through ‘sensory play’ is crucial to brain development – it helps to build nerve connections in the brain’s pathways.

Why choose Messy Makers

Sessions & Cost

All of our activities, whether for a session, school incursion or private/corporate event, are created in line with children's development milestones, with learning at the forefront. 

Our specialised program, created by early educators with over 10+ years experience, have been first to market, providing a unique experience including messy & sensory play, group time and more to encourage not only children's learning and development, but also provide a place where families can meet & interact.

We believe, alongside the positive reviews from our current & past families who have attended, our program sets the framework to enhance each child's development, extend language & communication skills.

Our uniquely designed program will allow your child to learn new skills, with our Educators guiding them all the way. And the best part? Learning has never been more fun!


Messy Makers provides messy & sensory play sessions for children aged 5 months to 5 years and Slime Lab + various other school holiday activities for ages 4-12 years old.

Each messy and sensory play session has a range of different themed activities and experiences set up for infants and toddlers of all ages, including activities to explore water, bubbles, foam, sand and other various textures & sensory items. It can get very messy, so both adults and kids - don't wear your best clothes!

Each messy & sensory play session is taste-safe and cater to allergies (please let us know when booking in the specified allergies box). If we have ingredients that are not taste safe, we'll advise you in person on the day. When catering to a large amount of allergies for a few particularly sessions, there may be occasions where we need to substitute taste safe ingredients out, however everything is non-toxic and safe for children.


When are the sessions?

Messy Makers runs sessions regularly throughout the year at only the best venues right across Sydney, the Central Coast and coming shortly to a venue near you. Messy Makers also runs specialised sessions during the school holidays, have specialised incursion packages for your childcare or daycare centre and can also come straight to you to celebrate birthday parties, private & corporate events. To see what's currently available to book, visit our sessions page, or our parties, events & incursions page. 

Pre-booking is always essential and we can sell out in advance - so we always recommend booking early.

What other services do Messy Makers provide?

Messy Makers also bring our activities for birthday parties, public hosted events, private events/mothers groups as well as school/preschool incursions. Our party package is very popular, with Messy Makers bring customised packages to over 150 parties just over the past twelve months alone. If you're a club, pub, cafe, shopping centre or any other corporate business and looking to bring some entertainment to your venue or event, we have a huge amount of experience to make it a hit. Not only this, we can help you with increasing memberships + more, with a large amount of examples & 'how-to's'. Whatever the occasion is, head over to our Parties, Events & Incursions page to find out more and to book. 

Working with Messy Makers

Love our activities and what we do? We're always on the lookout for new superstars to run our sessions. If you would love to join an great team, enjoy flexible work including being able to bring your own little ones to the sessions you run, we'd love to hear from you. Drop us an email with a little more about yourself, your resume and your preferred locations to You can also meet our team here.

Owning your own Messy Makers Business

What's more, interested in owning your own Messy Makers business? We have franchise opportunities right across Australia. We provide you with everything you need to get started, training + ongoing support to ensure you have the best possible chance to grow your business.

Join the leading messy & sensory play business, learn from us to grow, plus get exclusive benefits due to our partner connections. Find out more and take the next steps here.

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